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As of the beginning of June HogersWolf new EP will be available for download / streaming on all the usual digital platforms, titled "LOVE SONGS AND LAMENTS & THE UN-REQUITED RHYME. it contains five tracks as follows:

1) The White Hare

2) Aiofa

3) A Girl Called George

4) Ms Monagle & i

5) i - Rebecca of Winter ii - Danny Danvers Jig

Tracks 1 - 3 are re-recordings of songs previously released and taking afar more acoustic approach. Track 4 is totally new whilst track 5 is a complete re-write of song release under the title New Gods from a few years back.

Track 1 The White Hare is a song that touches on the Folklore tale of the Cunning White Hare... go read up on it. Track 2 is song which I wrote for and about Ms Monagle and using the legend of Aiofa from the ancients stories of the Ulster Cycle and the legend of

Cu' Chulainn. Track 3 lyrically was originally a poem I wrote for a smart and nice looking girl I met at University she was a little eccentric and liked slightly older boys ( I was a mature student). This made her a target for the ridicule and spitefulness of youths insecurities. Well we were not to be but I feel a slight shame in standing by while she was made the butt of comments and unkindness. This is to remind me of my weakness as well as to celebrate the intriguing soul she was then. Track 5 was written for Ms Monagle my wee Irish warrior, mother and lover.

Track 6 lyrically is play on Daphne Du Maurier's story Rebecca.

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