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September - October

Well here we go into the autumn, looking forward through Samhain / Halloween to mid winter and to the festive season. So what's been going on. I finished the summer with some great gigs. The Thame food festival, then a Far -Out organised event at the Mad Squirrel in High Wycombe and an opening slot at the famous Jericho Tavern in Oxford. All good nights, thoroughly enjoyed. I have also released a single called "The Smile" very excited by this as this has me adding drums to HogersWolf mix of instruments. Played by Andy Hogger as are all the instruments. I am in the middle of re-recording my Christmas song which hopefully will be up for release at the beginning of December. I will be recording for the best part of 2023 as work to finish my first album release "Folking Progcrastination" continues.

Not much to talk of in the way of gigs in the coming months. More and more pubs offering live music are asking for covers acts. Not my bag - and as we enter party season a slightly bigger nuisance for an originals act. Still Iam not down beat there is plenty of verbal offers for some cracking venues next year.

Happy Halloween!!

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