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October Flew by

Well into November we go, and what happened to October? Well there were a few gigs and lots of open mics. So plenty of live performance stuff going on.

I have been performing a new composition called "The Depths of Nadir" as song about the promise of loves forever tied in with dark imaginings around the celebration of Samhain - Halloween. So far its had a warm reception, all good considering the story.

Well only one gig on the cards at the moment which is at the Phoenix bar in High Wycombe, Bucks on 10th November I am on between 11 - 12 PM. Two other quality acts before me starting at 8:30. Its an all acoustic night which is a great watch as far as I am concerned.

I will be taking time out of gigging on the run up to Christmas as I head back into the little Home studio in Chalgrove to finish my next EP, two songs mixed so far ready for mastering. A re recording of "The Other side" and a new song called the "The Fountains of Bimini"

I will let you know how it goes oh and if do get an offer of gig that I cant turn down - ill keep you posted.

Thoughts now turn towards Yule!

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