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November to December

As the Yule season approaches I thought I better get a little out there about what I have been doing. I have been mainly working in the studio, releasing a single "Smile" a month or so back (streaming well). I have also re-recorded "Yule Tidings This Christmas" due for release on all the major services from 5th December 2022, already available on Band Camp. I have also been working on new songs for the album due in 2023 (Folking Prograstination). Its a long and hard process to take my acoustic based songs and turn them into conceptual songs with a bigger sound. My skills as a musician are limiting, as it is only me in the studio. The same applies to the production. Hopefully by the end of 2023 I will be more rounded and more proficient at all these things

On a happy final note I have some bookings for some very good gigs next year already, I will start letting you know about them as of January.

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