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August to September

Well August has flown by - it was hot and dry. Just a hand full of live dates through the month and the completion of one song of the planned album in the studio. Its a rare love song for me of which I am struggling to come up with a title. September sees the continuation in the "Little Home Studio" and some gig dates as well. I will be playing at the Thame, Oxfordshire food festival on 24th September in the afternoon and at the Mad Squirrel in High Wycombe in the evening of 24th September. see the below flyer.

There does seem to be a complete retraction in the amount of live music venues available, its been a long standing issue. However, the crises in the pub world is starting to limit opportunities there too.

Please get out there and watch local live talent before you can only go and see £200 a ticket manufactured artists of which you are force fed.

A little about the album, it will be a folk prog rock in spirit, collection of songs. Some previous recordings will get a revisit, complete with about 5 or six new songs that range from complete to works in progress. I am taking my time so that I can sound engineer these recordings beyond the "that will do" approach of the past. As my understanding of sound engineering / mixing grows so does my desire to deliver better. It will be the usual band members again along with addition of our new drummer Drew Hogger. There will be a couple of early single releases from the album over the coming months so you will get to hear his work fairly soon.

Here is looking forward to the autumn

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